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Use NextGen AI to Improve Sales & Customer-experience Skills at Scale
AI for Individualized coaching
Use AI to provide one on one coaching assist your team
Replicate Winning Behaviours
Identify and clone competencies of your top performers
Anywhere Anytime Coaching
Enable any time coaching, in easy bit spread over a period of time to change soft skill behaviours
Clone Winning Sales Behaviors
What do your top performers do better? Our AI Coach identifies the metrics behind successful sales pitches - and provides tips to each sales professional to jump to similar levels of performance.
Turn Lost Deals into Wins
What to do with a low deal win rate? Our AI quickly and efficiently guides sales team-members towards areas for improvement, and radically improve the quality and effectiveness of their sales calls.
Enable Dazzling Customer-experiences
How can you really wow customers? See the impact on customer conversations: after your customer facing teams have practiced conversations and received improvement tips based on every single relevant nuance.
Onboard New Team-members Faster
Is it taking too long to ramp-up new joiners’ output? Enable new customer-service and sales team-members get up to speed much quicker on your services, products and use cases.

How Learninns Works

Learninns uses AI to understand the 3 Vs when you communicate


Speech recognition, Audio
and Video Emotions Analysis
Identify positive & negative emotions


Instant results & Improvement
suggestions based on A.I.
Track your progress


Scores: Vocal, Content,
Visual and Rating
Score of each interview and question
is Ranked A Leader in Customer Reviews
Top educators to sales trainers and HR leaders, LearnInns is enabling individuals and organizations to deliver modern learning experiences

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