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Deliver new-age learning experiences with our AI-based platform
Learninns is so easy to use that you can start delivering lessons in no time. Go Live or share pre-recorded lesson, and interact with your students
Create individualized and immersive learning experiences with our cutting-edge analytics and Artificial Intelligence
NextGen AI
Cutting edge AI driven learning applications: in- class interactions, predictive learning, communication and skill development, cheat free proctored exams


We enable Higher Education and Industry leaders to
deliver transformative online learning experiences
Enable learner success with a cutting edge end-to-end Education Management ERP and Learning Management system that completely transforms your institution.
Exam Proctor
Deliver truly secure and scalable online exams with our AI-based Exam Proctor solution
AI Coaching for Effective Communication and Interviews
Improve student communication and job-interview skills with Siqandar.AI, the world’s best AI coach for communication and soft-skills training
AI Coaching for Sales and Service
Enable higher productivity in sales & customer service through Siqandar.AI, our patent pending application for communication & soft skills coaching.
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Top educators to sales trainers and HR leaders, LearnInns is enabling individuals and organizations to deliver modern learning experiences

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