Ensure learner success
with our AI powered
Campus Management & LMS platform

Leapfrog legacy systems to enable New Age Learning

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Deliver the ‘new real’ of learning with an AI-based LMS
The Issue with legacy learning systems is that none of these were designed for the ‘new real’ of learning. To ensure your institute can deliver a seamless experience, Learninns has integrated multiple systems: Learning Systems, ERP, Online lectures and AI powered tools into a single platform and analytics engine.


Learning Management

Drive learner success with our intuitive, easy to use, feature packed
AI powered platform.
Student Identification
Ensure no trespassers
Content Management System
Store class note and lectures
Automated attendance and alerts based on the presence in online class
Secure quizzes and testing
Automated AI-based Time-Tables and Scheduling
Gamification and Game-Based Quizzes

Campus ERP

Implement a fully integrated solution that connects all student and employee systems with your core learning systems.
Registration and Fee Management
Examination System
Library Management
Hostel Management
Human Resource Management

AI Powered Learning

Ensure your institution is at the forefront of driving real change in the educator sector – by effectively using technology to significantly improve learning outcomes.
AI models to identify at-risk students
AI based predictive learning paths
AI based optimal in-class interaction
Optimized student engagement
AI powered coaching for job interviews
Safe Exam proctor using AI

Online Lectures

We enable your institute to deliver more powerful and effective online learning experiences. Inspire the next generation of learners with collaborative and engaging solutions which make new ways of learning come alive for them.
Easy to use and feature rich
Record and upload videos
Real-time video quizzes
Class engagement and emotional scores
is Ranked A Leader in Customer Reviews
Top educators to sales trainers and HR leaders, LearnInns is enabling individuals and organizations to deliver modern learning experiences

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